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Monday, January 01, 2007


Colin Crampton

Hi Miles

I would like to let you know about my new idea / site I have just put live. Its a site for people to swap unwanted babies and childrens items with one another via swap ads. Many people in my area have expressed the site is a good idea, it certainly helps people to swap items that they do not need anymore such as toys, clothes etc for items they do need. Its an informal fun site and is a good way to possibly meet other parents etc. Thanks for the great show on Steve Wright.

Stuart Houghton

Hi Miles,

I would like to introduce all multi-millionaires who are stumped to know what to by for Christmas presents to my site www.themostexpensive.com. For all of us with less money, including me take a look as I think you will find the site interesting as it features the most expensive items money can buy. I am always on the look out for new items to feature so if you can think of any please fill in the form on the site.

Thanks Stuart

margot stapylton

hello Miles,

Please mention this new site (www.everyclick.com) that I have just found. It is a search engine that gives money to charity for people searching and doing online shopping. There is no cost to anyone and people can recommend any listed charity in the UK. All the charities that have signed up are listed on their site and you can see how much they have raised. It's an amazing idea that we should be telling everyone about!!


Hi Miles,

It would be great if you could mention my site, www.getclued.com. It allows you to submit reviews of tradesmen you have hired recently, allowing people to source reliable tradespeople in their area. As well as finding out the service standards of different firms, you can compare the prices they charge and how punctual and polite they are,before deciding who to hire. There is also plenty of tips and advice for consumers on hiring and resolving disputes with businesses. Overall, it makes choosing a tradesmen much less of a gamble!!

Cindy Allenby

As a new user of an incar GPRS device, who should I inform when their directions are incorrect? This happens especialy within London and other cities where 'no right turns' or 'no entry' streets are often wrongly used in routing. While the systems can put you right eventually, much time is wasted. Tonight I was directed through a great route only to find at the end I needed to be a bicycle!!! Surely this information would be useful to the site planners? My device even lists the A 303 as the M3 some 20 miles before it changes. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. By the way, your site helps me waste many happy hours.

Edward Bennet

Hi Miles,

The Sun featured a story the other day on a guy who runs a fun website I thought you'd like - The Shopping List Compendium. He collects used lists from the supermarket and tries to imagine the kind of person it used to belong to. He puts copies of list and his own musings on his website, and then other people can add their own comments as well.

Very strange, but certainly worth a look.



Hi Miles

Just wanted to mention this great site I found for Christmas (and other) presents - www.happyhampers.com. Fab range of foody / drinky hampers for any taste, from young champagne drinkers to my grandparents! Also not necessarily too expensive - has saved me loads of valuable Christmas shopping time and saved me from having to shop in the real world...


Hi Miles,

I've recently discovered a great online website type community called http://www.freecycle.org/
Basically, rather than recycling your old stuff that still works, or trying to sell it through the likes of ebay etc., or just dumping it in landfill, you can post details about what you want to give away on your local group (or you can post a 'wanted' ad), and then all those people interested can get in contact and come and pick it up!

I've already given away old printers, computer equipment, and some furniture to new homes, and it's all free!

Dave Logan and Nuala Chapman

Hi Miles,
This might sound a tad forward, but please bear in mind that we are not asking anything for ourselves !!!!
You will find an enormous explanatory email about ANCRAA (Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de la Raza Aznal Andaluza - National Association of Breeders of the Andalucian Giant Donkey) on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon website - please check it out and we hope that you can feature it on the programme.
Thanks in anticipation,
Dave Logan and Nuala Chapman


Hi miles, tune in as often as pos to here what you have trawled up for joe public to feed on...most of which (i guess)would never be seen but for your delving and keen eye for a good site... some of which are just brilliant. thanks for a great site and keep up the good work as we are all hungry for more :) carl
ps does that steve wright no anything about computers, no, i thought so

Lucy Summers


You are probably not a gardener, but if you were....you'd be so pleased and grateful to ask all those gardening questions you don't have a clue about and someone actually answers your question, personally and promptly, so you can just get on with life! OK, it's a paid for service, but you get what you pay for. theopengardener really is like having an expert gardener at your beck and call 24 hours a dfay, 365 days a year. You don't have to trawl through books, call the garden centre and get some dopey salesgirl - you get practical, immediate and relevant information tailored to your problem. Now that can't be bad!

Mark Lockhart

I tried the gardening question and answer service at www.theopengardencompany.co.uk and I believe this is one hell of a service. You get a personal, speedy reply. For £35.00 per year, it is the best money I've spent for unlimited garden advice. Your gardening-inclined listeners should try it. *****


Hi Miles
How about mentioning www.SellOutCrowds.com as the world cup is now just round the corner.
The site aims to be the largest collection of sporting fans on the internet.
A really good idea, some nice page designs and some 250 teams covered.


Helen Hockley

Hi Miles,
We were hoping that you would give Northern Ireland a mention on the Website of the day slot on the Steve Wright show! You have a lot of loyal listeners over here! We have just launched a new website called www.ergo2win.com which is a fundraiser for charity. It works on the reverse auction idea, so the lowest unique bid is the winner, not the person bidding highest! So, theoretically you could get a great prize for a few pence. The concept is out there and works commercially so we want to make it work for charity. Our first auction is for Age Concern Northern Ireland with the prize being a luxury holiday. Please give us your support, we need bidders to make this work! Cheers, Helen. Great site by the way, love all the wacky stuff!!


Here are some of my fruits of labour, in case they qualify for consideration: http://literaryawards.vertebratesilence.com/ (literary awards news), http://lingformant.vertebratesilence.com/ (latest in the science of linguistics), http://kurosawa.vertebratesilence.com/ (on the legendary film maker Akira Kurosawa)

And finally, in the spirit of the World Cup, here is a blast from the past: http://www.ehis64.net/

Paul Stride-Noble

Hi Miles,

thought you might like to check out


its an absolutley huge pixel art / online advertising / community type website - You'll love it. Soon you will be able to enter the buildings, chat with other users / set up and furnish your own apartment and much more!

It has been designed and built my me (a freelance designer) here in the UK and my partners in the USA. "pixelyork" is up and running now and we're already working on "Pixel London" !!!


James Penman

Hi Miles,

Thought this might be of interest in the run-up to Christmas. It's a site that tells shoppers where shop sales are running in the UK. There are around 2000 on at the moment (September) so users should save themselves some cash and time. We built it because we couldn't find info on sales ourselves and it got a bit annoying trawling the net for sales info. If we miss any, users can post them on the Forum.



Paul Mccarthy

Hey Miles

Check this out!


I play a lot of online pool but this site seems to be the most realistic.Also they are running $10,000 weekly prize money tournaments for platinum members. You can join for free too but you are limited to the rooms you can enter and chat in.Hope to hear what you think thanks


Dr. Jeremy Leach

Dear Miles,

A site for your consideration! Bulgarian Property is huge in the press at the moment- there are many sites, but they only offer listings - you have no idea where the properties are.

Our website:
http://www.europropertymap.com is the first to offer property viewing directly on a map for Eastern Europe!
Additionally you can learn about the various tourist regions by virtually travelling around the map!

I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Adam Norton

Would love people to check out our newly launched website - www.lookingforideas.co.uk - which specialises in design led giftware and homeware. Feel free to let us know what you think of the site and what improvements we could make.

Many thanks.

Hannah Lewis

Hi Miles

I just wanted to suggest the website http://www.madammusic.com. It is a fab and funky website with advice for musicians, stories about our characters Madam Music and her band, reviews, downloads and lots of other fun stuff!

Hannah Lewis

Marty Wilson

Came across this site on your BBC News magazine pages today, and thought it would be excellent for nationwide listeners to hear about.

It lets you walk down a virtual version of Oxford Street, London. I loved it as I never get to visit the cool clothes shops there, and this way I was (sort of) able to.

I think your listeners up North would appreciate hearing about it! Keep up the great work!

Marty Wilson


Came across this site on your BBC News magazine pages today, and thought it would be excellent for nationwide listeners to hear about.

It lets you walk down a virtual version of Oxford Street, London. I loved it as I never get to visit the cool clothes shops there, and this way I was (sort of) able to.

I think your listeners up North would appreciate hearing about it! Keep up the great work!

Chris Cook

Hi my site is very much like the travel site you mentioned today except that it was first and is faster and better even though I say so myself! check it out and see for yourself.


Found this one the other day - we have a lost Teddy Bear and who knows, maybe someone'll find it:


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