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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Desiree Lambert

I've been renting DVDs online for about 2 years now. I've tried Mailbox movies, Blockbuster and DVDonTap sites and found them initially good and then the service deteroritates after a few months. The biggest drawbacks is not being able to get the disks at top of the list for months on end. I waited four months to get Cold Mountain and was peeved to see that it was available in my local blockbuster all during that period. Secondly the quality of the DVDs tend be be very variable and I've had a couple of disks which were unviewable and that is very frustrating as you can't take it back immediately.
However, I'm still a fan of online rentals and as you said today, watch a broader range of films than I might have done otherwise and also watch more films too as the more I watch the better value is the deal.

Thanks for this article and for hilighting on the show today - long overdue but no penalites! :-)

Desiree Lambert

david watson

Have tried a number of these sites recently and finally found one that really delivers what it says. Mymoviestream www.mymoviestream.com They have a great list of titles, the site is easier to use with great search and recommendation features. So far have always delivered my top 3 choices. LoveFilm never got above number 37 in my queue, also their unsubscribe was a nightmare, not quite "unsubscribe anytime". Blockbusters were a disaster.

Fiona Tankard

Does anyone know any DVD rental companies that send DVDs to Italy?

Diana Hicks

I received a free two month subscription to Screen Select with the purchase of a TV from Comet. I am nearly at the end of the two month period and have received all my "most wanted" films at incredible turnround speed! I was even able to divert discs to my daughter when I was away on holiday. Because I live in a rural location I find it impossibly inconvenient to rent from a shop, the nearest being eight miles away - not exactly on the doorstep! So I imagine people in rural areas or those without transport will find these services indispensable.

G Eaton

Although this is a great idea it doesn't appear to work in practice.

Having tried online dvd rental from many of the different providers I have found that although the service from most of them starts off quite good for the first month or so it rapidly goes downhill.

Some providers send out a lot of unwatchable damaged discs and they all struggle to send out the newer releases on the top of most peoples rental queues (obviously if everyone wants the same disc they are going to be in short supply).

However having already tried DVDS365, Tescos, GlobalERental etc I still have quite a few others to experiment on and I have just signed up for my free trial with Lovefilm so hopefully I will eventually find a service that works although I am not holding my breath!

kim walker

Been using Blockbuster for about 5 months. Most films have come through with no problem but there seems to be delays with a number of 'older' films. The first film I ever put on 'wishlist', Jaws, still has not arrived. This is also the case with Great Escape, Yellow Submarine, etc. Now trying 'Lovefilms'

J rogers

I started with Tesco but found the delivery was erratic. After a free trial with blockbuster i moved to them, again the list seems to be a bit pointless at times and very new and very old films seem to be difficult to get.But the turnaround is excellent and you know when they've received returned dvds and exactly when new ones have been sent out. Renting online suits our lifestyles and it means you can try out films you wouldn't normally think of renting.

suzi ross

I have been using Blockbuster for a few months and I am very happy with the service - I do generally always have over 50 films on my list at any time, and as you get 3 at a time, I always have at least one I'm in the mood for. Also, as there is no time limit to return them - I pass them on to friends and family to watch too and post back for me!

Louise Anderson

I use LoveFilm and I think it's fantastic! Absolutely no criticisms whatsoever. It has a huge library and a very good search engine and the more DVDs you rent in a month, the better value the fee is. I've always received DVDs from the top of my wishlist, but as I want to watch everything on my list I'm not really bothered what order they come in. I haven't tried to rent a recent big release yet. I like the customer reviews of films - it's great to read other people's opinions. Another thing that's really good is that when you think of a film you want to see, you add it to your wishlist straightaway, rather than getting to a DVD rental place and not being able to remember what that film was you thought of recently. And this is so much easier than going to a shop in the first place, if, like me, you don't live near one. Highly recommended.

Tom Gregory

I have used http://www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk for over a year now, and am very pleased. For just £5.99 a month you can rent 3 dvds a month and if you don't use them all, your quota is carried over to the next month. Huge choice of titles, quick turnaround of discs and most importantly, the cheapest I can find!

Robin Carter

I have used most of the main dvd rental companies over the last year. I am a relatively light user, and found most companies geared up to heavier users than myself. When I cancelled membership from lovefilm.com I received an email offering a light user package, £7.99 per month, 2 DVDs at a time with a maximum of 4 dvds per month. This works well for me at the moment, but with the coming of summer (and Big Brother) I will not have time to watch too many films so will probably cancel and try easycinema for a few weeks.

Simon Jones

I've been using Blockbusters for about 6 months and have rarely received a title in my top 20 - having read David Watsons rave review of Mymoviestream.com, I have cancelled my Blockbusters subscription and joined them instead. Today, my top 3 picks arrived in the post - genius (as long as it continues like this anyway) thanks David, top recommendation!

Garry Hambling

I've been using lovefilm for about 5 months and I'm still impressed with a normal 48 hour turnround time from posting a return to receiving the next discs. I try to keep my wish list down to a max of 7 unless adding new releases, there's less chance of a random pick from lower in the list this way. All it takes is regular updating.


I was using Screenselect but found in the last few months the service has deteriorated it now takes almost a week for a turn around rather than the original 3. I have now signed up with Blockbuster. So far they have always sent something from my top 3 films. The best thing about them is they work Saturdays so that’s got to help the turn around speed. From what people seem to be saying it sounds like keep moving is the key to good service.


I use Gameznflix for both Movie and Game rental. The annual plan is less than $18 per month, and gives you 8-out at a time. Great deal. They have 4 distribution ctrs in the US, and plans for more.


I'm astounded you rate Lovefilms so highly. 'Dire' is the first word that comes to mind when considering the service offered by Lovefilms. In a mere 3 mths of being a member they have sent me 6 wrong DVDs & I have found no less than 15 films in my rental queue that I haven't requested, some of which have been sent out to me. Also, in those 3mths, I haven't recieved one of the films in the top ten of my list. Every time I have contacted Lovefilms they have responded with a 'cut & paste' reply that rarely addresses the complaint. When you do complain, they seem unable/ unwilling to take any responsibility for things going wrong. Beware positive reviews you may read that are either a). Written by someone still in their trial period (the service takes a noticeable turn for the worse when the trial is over). & b). Older reviews, it would seem the company has been taken over fairly recently &, again, the service had taken a turn for the worse. I really would advise people to avoid Lovefilms. It’s the only DVD rental service I’ve used, but surely, NO-ONE else could be this bad????


We have used Lovefilm.com for over a year now. It has severly cut down on buying new DVDs (we were running out of space), and that alone made it worth it.
We currently have 75 films in queue, it is rarely less than that. Yes, the top 10 are sometimes hard to get, especially brand-new ones that are hotly contested, but I would not expect anything else. What I really like is the depth of the DVD library Lovefilm.com has, and if you are interested in older movies, they will be available immediately.
I had one wrong DVD delivered, I consider that good for over a year's worth of service with sometimes 10 DVDs a month. What bugs me more is the quality of the DVDs. Many of them have a blotchy printed side, probably from too much heat or the way that they are cleaned. Many of these DVDs refuse to play on my player. Lovefilm is very fast to turn these DVDs around, but I still wonder if other services have the same problem.
So overall: this is the only service I tried, I cannot comment on any other. I would still rate it 4/5.

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