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Thursday, August 12, 2004




Just found!

The BBC has an arty-farty/cartoony-loony section after all... and I didn't know, untill now.

I intend to tell Thaleck about this. He is in dire need of "toon style" social exposure (that cartoon characters need these days, wouldn't you agree?).

Who's Thaleck? The cartoon character on my site.

By the way, Thaleck is looking for a toon job vacancy that requires a "flat 2D man" that can go into virtual toon spaces(and dimensions, no, no, I am not talking about Flatterland By Ian Stewart). Thaleck did ask Dr.Katz (in toon way) what he thought about his latest predicament (about not having been drawn or sketeched more due to his creators busy life (she has a life)). Dr. Katz repied,

"We all have an over self. Get over yourself."



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